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The work of the RAA Brandenburg commenced in 1992 within the scope of a pilot scheme of the Bund-Länder Commission for Education. In 1996 the RAA Brandenburg became registered as an independent association.

In the course of a structural reform in 2006 the board of trustees was renamed to

Democracy and Integration Brandenburg e.V.
It primarily works in two divisions:

  • RAA Brandenburg
  • demos – Brandenburg Institute for Community Consultation/Mobile Advisory Service (Brandenburgisches Institut für Gemeinwesenberatung/Mobile Beratung)

Democracy and Integration Brandenburg is a charitable, registered association whose members and managing board support the work of the professional and voluntary staff.

The managing board consists of:

  • Tilmann Weickmann (chairman)
  • Ulrich Falkenhagen (vice-chairman)
  • Brunhild Matthias (treasurer)
  • Gilberto Switala
  • Uta Leichsenring


Demokratie und Integration Brandenburg e.V.