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RAA Brandenburg – Regional Offices for Education, Integration and Democracy, BrandenburgThe RAA Brandenburg are a nationally operating, independent support agency for education and social integration.

Our services comprise:

  • advisory service
  • advanced training
  • project development and support
  • promotion of integration networks and communal integration concepts

The RAA Brandenburg are committed to a democratic and cosmopolitan Brandenburg.
This involves the promotion of democracy as a life and social form as well as civic engagement, plus the dealing with right-wing extremism, racism, anti-Semitism and other inhuman ideologies.

The RAA Brandenburg initiate and develop educational processes and projects in the area of democratic, intercultural, historical-political and global learning for disseminators involved in the democratic integration of various social groups, in order to sensitise and to open society to cultural, religious and ethnic origin-related heterogeneity.

The RAA Brandenburg promote the integration of immigrants and advocate a society, which is borne by mutual respect and acknowledgement while aiming at the equal participation of all people.

The RAA Brandenburg

  • offer advanced training for teachers, educators as well as for youth and integration workers
  • provide advice throughout the democratic organisation of schools as well as in the area of youth work and education
  • cooperate with networks, foundations, associations and clubs for the elimination of discrimination and bias
  • support intercultural and international education and exchange programmes
  • develop projects and materials in the fields of democracy pedagogics, intercultural/global learning and historical-political education.



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